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Getting help with your online visiblity and reach more potential clients!
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SMM for bakeries

Your helping hand with social media

Focus on what you are good at: baking. Let me help you with your social media presence. Let’s do it together.

Get someone who help you with your social media

I love working with bakeries and I would love to help you if you have one. Together we will create a suited content calendar and reach new potential clients. Even updating excisting clients is good to keep them retained.
Orleane Franklin

Hey you! I have a dedicated page for all my services and another one with an overview regarding the pricing if you are curious to read more about that. You can always contact me without any obligations. I would love to get in touch with you. 

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Working together with Orleane

Working together with me means having a punctual content calendar – with scheduled social media posts – for your small bakery! You will get access as well and see the posts for yourself. That way you can revise them when needed. Or tell me to make the changes of course. Whatever works best for you.

What can you expect?

As your social media manager, I will make sure that you will post consistently on your socials – like Facebook and Instagram (and more if needed!)
Yes and no. I can absolutely do this for you if you want. In discussion, I will charge my hourly rate for handeling the comments. Which usually doesn’t consume much time.
No, this is not true. I’m sorry if you got that impression. It is something that we have to do together. For instance, I need you to submit pictures and share stories about things that happend at your bakery. This works best if you want to get the most out of your social media.

I will take care of the planning, designing and posting. And occasionally stalking you if you forget to send me things ;-)
All you need to do is to send me pictures about your creations and your bakery. People love ‘behind the scenes’ content.

With time I can interview you to create some more personal social media content – if you feel comfortable of course.
You can send the money with PayPal and you can hire me on Fiverr too if you prefer that. Whatever works best for you.