Simple ads for bakeries

Simple advertisement campaigns for small (marketing) budget bakeries – made simple!
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Facebook and Instagram ads

I am not an ad expert, but I know how to get a simple ad online – together with you on your account. Completely transparant. Run the ads on your own account with a prepaid balance and a daily spending limit. That way you never pay too much.

Start advertising with a simple ad campaign

Get a call with me now or get started quickly with advertising for your small bakery online. For instance, the Meta platforms such as: Facebook and Instagram. Let your post reach more people and spread awareness for your brand. Curious? Get in touch now! :-)
Orleane Franklin

Hey you! I have a dedicated page for all my services and another one with an overview regarding the pricing if you are curious to read more about that. You can always contact me without any obligations. I would love to get in touch with you. 

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Working together with Orleane

While making social media posts for your small bakery, we can also choose to promote one or more of these posts. We can use these designs as an ad or we can make new designs for this. Let’s see what works best for your needs!

What can you expect?

I will not manage the ad campaign if I am not asked to. We can optimize the ads together or you can ask me to do it. But I do not offer a monthly optimizing package for the ads. You need to work with a marketing agency or an ad freelancer to do that. I can help you to get simple and basic ads online that do the job, but not getting the most out of an ad campaign. This does not provide me energy. I am a designer at heart <3.
No, I will not be performing A/B tests for your campaign to see which ad has the highest conversion ratio.
No, I will not implement advanced ad campaigns for your small bakery.
Yes, you need an advertiser account. This is different for every platform. For instance, Facebook and Instagram both require a Meta business account. I can help you with that.
Ad stands for advertisement. “What do you mean by an ad? An advertisement, otherwise known as an advert or ad, is generally considered a public communication that promotes a product, service, brand or event. To some the definition can be even broader than that, extending to any paid communication designed to inform or influence. ~ (source: squareup.com)”