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Do you need an English to Portuguese translator? Or an Portuguese to English translator? I can help you with both!
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Services for bakeries

English to Portuguese
and vice versa

Do you have Brazilian or Portuguese customers at your small bakery and do you want them to understand too? Then look no further!

Let Ane translate your English text to Portuguese

Get in touch with me now to get your English text translated to Portuguese so you can reach a broader audience in your store. Make Brazilian people and Portuguese people feel more welcome in your bakery! Or whatever other reason you might have for getting a Portuguese translator.
Orleane Franklin

Hey you! I have a dedicated page for all my services and another one with an overview regarding the pricing if you are curious to read more about that. You can always contact me without any obligations. I would love to get in touch with you. 

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Working together with Orleane

Orleane is a Brazilian who studies parttime for her theoretical English Bachelor degree. And she loves bakeries. That is why she is a perfect fit for your bakery translation work!

What can you expect?

If it is about text I can translate everything! As long as I understand the English and the context. I can even mix it with my other services – in case you need drawings, simple ads or flyers too. So: Brazilian Portuguese and English.
On average I charge $0.12 per word to translate your text. You can get a quotation if you prefer or pay me hourly.
There are some differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese, but both are able to understand each other well. Both variants are all originated from the same Portuguese.
Yes, those are the only two languages I am familiar with. Currently, I am studying Dutch for the A1 exam, but that is not good enough for translating texts. That is why I focus on English to Portuguese translations – mainly Brazilian Portuguese.
You get 3 revisions for the translation work. But from my experience it is a matter of trust, because the client usually doesn’t understand Portuguese. That is why they need a translator. In case you do understand, there is a maximum of 3 revisions.