Making flyers for small bakeries

A promotional flyer design ready to spread to your customers
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A flyer to never forget

Create a stunning flyer for your bakery. Ready to print or share with your customers. Get ready to be amazed.

Get in touch with me now to discuss your needs

Get in touch with me now to discuss the needs and wishes regarding the flyer design for your bakery!
Orleane Franklin

Hey you! I have a dedicated page for all my services and another one with an overview regarding the pricing if you are curious to read more about that. You can always contact me without any obligations. I would love to get in touch with you. 

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Working together with Orleane

Making beautiful flyers for your small bakery is something I do with passion. Promote your delicious treats with the world and enthuse your customers for more.

What can you expect?

Flyers can be a great thing to give to your customers. Maybe you have a deal or a discount for them. When they get home they see your brand again. A nice discount will also encourage them to come to your bakery again.
I design the flyers mainly with software from Adobe and with alternatives. This is what I am most familiar with.
No, but I do focus on small bakeries. Since I was a kid I was enthusiastic about cupcakes, the smell of bread and other treats. But I have never baked anything myself – that is our secret (ssst…)
It depends. I strive to deliver the first concept within some days. When it is too busy it can take up to a week. I will give prior notice to that when you consider getting your flyers done.
There are two ways to do the flyer design. The first way is to do it based on a quotation. The other one is hourly based. When it is done with a quotation, there are 3 revisions available for the flyer design.