Custom illustrations for small bakeries

Searching for cute illustrations for your bakery? Then look no futher! (except to this page)
Meet orleane franklin
Small bakery social media manager Orleane

Custom illustrations

Custom illustations in the look and feel of your company always gives a nice impression.

Put a smile on your customers' face with custom illustrations

Get in touch with me now and discus what kind of illustrations you would love for your bakery!
Orleane Franklin

Hey you! I have a dedicated page for all my services and another one with an overview regarding the pricing if you are curious to read more about that. You can always contact me without any obligations. I would love to get in touch with you. 

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Working together with Orleane

You can expect a quick response from me. I am flexible, creative and I get the job done. Not only do I want to put a smile on the face of your customers, but also on the face of you!

What can you expect?

I enjoy making cute drawings. For instance, coffee cups, cupcakes with faces, loafs. You name it. Get in touch for me to see what I can do for you!
Yes I can. This makes it more personal. Otherwise it would look like a drawing that is copied from the internet. And that would be a waste.
No, I don’t do these kind of illustrations. I am better at doing minimalistic drawings.
No, not only small bakeries. For me it is an industrie that brings me a lot of joy. It provides me with energy to make something for a bakery. I feel connected.
No, I cannot. However I can deliver within one week. After we agreed on a price I will add the job in my planning. Usually the first concepts will be ready within a week. If not, I will give you a prior notice.