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My passions

Custom illustrations

Add an artistic touch to your brand with captivating custom illustrations that make your bakery stand out.

Social media manager

Level up your bakery's online presence with expert social media management, engaging content, and community building.

Simple bakery ads

Boost visibility and drive sales with eye-catching, professionally designed ads tailored to your bakery's specialties.

Portuguese translator

Expand your reach to Portuguese-speaking audiences with accurate and effective translation services.

Flyer design

Captivate customers with stunning flyer designs showcasing your bakery's irresistible offerings.


Are you interested in any of these services? Get it touch with me now and let's work together!

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Why Choose Us

Experienced & Dedication

I love making posts for social media. It is like a hobby for me. Many people I met don’t like posting often on social media or they don’t know what to post. That is where we can work together!

Open minded

I love to hear your opinion and feedback on the work I create. So you will love your content more and more.

Love for small bakeries

I feel a connection with bakeries ever since I was young. But I never baked myself (ssst.. that's our secret).

Organized workflow

I learn to improve my workflow as I work more and more with small bakeries. Content has to be unique, but some concepts remain the same. That is an advantage when you work with someone for your bakery who only focusses on social media for small bakeries.