What is 'Orleane' about?

Who is orleane

A certified and graduated designer

My name is Orleane Franklin and I am 25 years old. In the beginning of 2019 I started studying IT, but after a while, I discovered this was not a perfect fit (I do like HTML, CSS, and programming). I wanted less math and to create more. 

A friend of mine studied graphic design and I decided to try that too: I loved that. Especially when I made things that helped people. Drawing and creating a picture or post that tells more than 1000 words. Knowing which colors trigger which emotions and testing them out. There I found a piece of the puzzle to find my passion.

In early 2022 I obtained my degree in graphic design and started a new part-time study in English and literature. I highly value language and communication.

In the future, I want to live abroad. That is why helping bakeries online with their social media seems like a perfect match for me. I love language, bakeries, graphic design, and doing what I love most – regardless of the location I reside. 

I work approximately 32 hours a week with my computer: studying for my English degree, improving my drawing skills, studying Dutch, and working remotely to create social media posts. I don’t do this full-time and there aren’t many fixed timeframes: that is why I am flexible.

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Artistry with Heart

Orleane's designs are more than just simple posts; they are being made with her love and passion. She loves bakeries ever since she was a kid.

Bridging Cultures

Born in Brazil and now residing in the Netherlands, Orleane brings a unique perspective formed by her diverse experiences.

Empathy in Design

Orleane's empathetic nature shines through in her work. She intuitively understands the needs and aspirations of bakery owners.

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Jamie and Orleane
My/our Journey

Residing in the Netherlands
with Jamie

Currently, I am living together with Jamie. He is a Dutchman. We met online and chatted for quite a while. After some time passed we both felt a strong connection and decided to meet up. The distance was over 9.000 kilometers (imagine!) and I had never really traveled before. So, it was exciting.

Fast forward to today; I am studying Dutch to eventually become a citizen in the Netherlands. But before that, I can only stay there with him for 90 days every 180 days.

Jamie has a technical background – something with microchips – and works as an online marketer. He is good at SEO (I think ;p) and running social media ad campaigns. Seeing him working on these things was a great motivation for me to do something similar. When I was trying to find something I was passionate about, he said:

You should help bakeries with their social media posts, you like social media and you love bakeries!“.

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Why Choose Me

Experienced & Dedication

I have some experience with social media and content creation, but I also still have a lot to learn. That is what makes this exciting. 


From nature I am a very creative person. But in the end that is for you to decide.


For growing on social media, consistency is key. I am a good planner by nature.


I love people, building a connection and seeing you happy with my designs. Everyone is 'busy' these days. Let me take some work off your hands.

My creations

My designs for your small bakery

I do social media management for small bakeries. Making sure that there is always a post ready to go online!

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