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Let’s get to know each other first before we work together. Having a good connection and feeling comfortable is really important to me.

Orleane Franklin

Meet Your Bakery's Secret Ingredient

Orleane Franklin: I am a passionate graphic designer. Ready to sprinkle my creativity skills into your bakery business to help your bakery grow (online). Let me be your social media manager.

Get more customers with a good plan
consistency on social media

Workflow is really important. I will guide you through the process and make sure that there is always a social media post waiting to go online. Together we are your bakery’s amazing recipe for success!

1. Connect

We’ll kick off our partnership with a friendly introduction session, where we can get to know each other and discuss your bakery’s unique vision and goals.

2. Brainstorm

Through collaborative brainstorming or individual exploration, we’ll craft captivating and mouthwatering content ideas that perfectly align with your brand and target audience.

3. Planning

You’ll provide me with relevant bakery pictures and information, and together, we’ll create a comprehensive monthly content plan that ensures consistent and engaging social media presence.

4. Design

With your input and preferences in mind, I’ll transform your ideas into visually stunning posts, incorporating captivating graphics, illustrations, and branding elements that will make your bakery stand out.

5. Post it

Using post scheduling software, I’ll ensure your posts are shared at the optimal times, providing you with a preview of each post for approval before it goes live, giving you complete control over your social media presence.

Small bakery social media manager Orleane
The importance of social media for your bakery

Why consistent social media posting is important for your bakery

Did you know that maintaining a consistent social media presence can have a positive effect for your bakery? Let me explain why!

Personally, I really like social media. Consistent social media posting for your bakery generates brand awareness, engages customers, and attracts new business, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer growth in the long run. That is quite a mouth full.

it is important to make the social media posts a bit more personal. So, I always ask my clients for some information about events or things that happened at the bakery and I ask you to share the pictures of your creations and your bakery with me. I will create the designs for your social media posts. I will become your motivation while taking the workload off your shoulders.

Generic content is quicker can get the job done, but personalized social media posts and updates is more personal and will really connect with your audience. And hopefully have a good impact on your followers! 

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Our Services

Social media manager

Let me create your social media content in a way that it connects with your audience while creating brand awareness.

Content planner

I will create a tailored content calendar or plan that tells your bakery's story, engaging customers and potentially driving results.

Custom illustrations​

Do you want a little bit extra and more details? Then custom illustrations is for you!

Facebook posts

Consistent posting on Facebook creates awareness for your small bakery. This way you with reach new potential customers.

Instagram posts

This also applies to Instagram. Consistent posting on social media creates brand awareness and passively builds a connection with your audience.

Pinterest posts

Pinterest is getting more and more popular. Especially for companies. It is a platform where post can go viral and reach many new potential customers.


For (extra) work
$ 21
  • Extra video call
  • Extra social media post
  • Tailored content calendar
  • Revisions after delivery
  • Translation work Brazil
  • Custom illustration on demand

Social media management​+

Visible every week
$ 442
4 months
  • 4 Instagram posts (p/m)
  • 2 Instagram stories (p/m)
  • 4 Facebook posts (p/m)
  • 2 Facebook stories (p/m)
  • Content calendar
  • Monthly reporting

Social media management

Visible biweekly
$ 84
  • 2 Instagram posts (p/m)
  • 1 Instagram story (p/m)
  • 2 Facebook posts (p/m)
  • 1 Facebook story (p/m)
  • monthly reporting